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Golden Breakfast Bowl / $15
A refreshing smoothie bowl of fresh mango, banana, pineapple, maple syrup & almond milk topped with seasonal fruit, desiccated coconut & chia seeds

Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffles / $16
Crispy house made waffles topped off with peanut butter mascarpone, wild berry puree, agar sea pearls, maple syrup & cherry dust


Spicy Fried Chicken Burger / $17
Frankie’s secret spiced buttermilk chicken, tomato, jalapeno slaw, house made beetroot mayo on a black brioche bun with beer battered steak fries

- NOTES: VG (Vegetarian), GF (Gluten Free), NC (No Charge)
- During busy periods, all meal alterations and split bills will be politely declined.


Toast (VG)
Sourdough, multigrain or light rye (2 slices) with a choice of spreads /$5

Fruit toast or gluten-free toast (2 slices) with butter / $7

Granola Crunch / $13
Mixed hazelnuts, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, raisins and cherries with oven-baked honey oats topped with seasonal fruit, stewed rhubarb, coconut labneh & passionfruit

Bacon & Egg Brioche / $8
A full rasher of bacon, a fried egg with cheddar and relish in a toasted Brioche bun

Bacon & Egg Toastie / $9
2 rashers of bacon & a fried egg in a toasted ciabatta or sourdough

Eggs on Toast / $10 (VG)
2 eggs cooked your way on toasted sourdough or pumpkin bread

Berry Breakfast Bowl / $15
A refreshing smoothie bowl of raspberries, banana, almond butter & almond milk topped with seasonal fruit, coconut, crunchy granola and chia seeds

Bacon & Eggs / $14
2 rashers of bacon & 2 eggs cooked your way on toasted sourdough or pumpkin bread

Smashed Avocado / $17 (VG)
With crumbled feta, lemon & sea salt on sourdough or pumpkin bread with 2 poached eggs & with a pickled beetroot puree

Zucchini & Halloumi Fritters / $17 (VG) (GF)
With smashed avo & pickled beetroot puree topped off with a poached egg, feta, dukkah & micro herbs

Banana Bread Stack / $14 (VG)
2 slices of house-made banana bread with espresso butter, honey vanilla mascarpone & crushed pistachios

French Toast Stack / $16 (VG)
2 thick cut pieces of cob loaf, topped with fresh berries, banana slivers, maple syrup, pistachios and a dollop of crème fraiche

Jack’s Stack /$16 (VG)
A 3-tier pancake stack served with mixed berries & ice cream OR with butter, maple syrup & ice cream

Vegetarian Delight / $18 (VG)
2 poached eggs, roasted tomato, avocado, a field mushroom & sautéed spinach served on toasted pumpkin bread

Spicy omelette / $19
A traditional omelette with chorizo, bacon & capsicum topped off with spinach & a balsamic glaze

Eggs Benny / $18
2 poached eggs covered with hollandaise sauce & premium shaved leg ham atop 2 potato rostis

With bacon instead of ham / $19
With spinach & avo instead of ham / $19

With smoked salmon instead of ham / $19

Frankie’s Big Breakfast / $21
2 eggs cooked your way, spicy chorizo, bacon, slow roasted tomatoes, a slow roasted field mushroom, sautéed spinach & crispy hash browns with toasted sourdough

Brekky Extras Each:
- Gluten-free bread substitute for toast with meal / NC
- Slow roasted tomato or a serve of hash browns / $2.5

- Additional egg or sliced avocado or a field mushroom / $3
- Spicy chorizo or two rashers of bacon / $4


Kids Pancake Stack / $10
3 x kids size pancakes with butter, dusted with icing sugar,
maple syrup & ice cream

Little Frankie’s Breakfast / $10
A fried egg and a rasher of bacon on sourdough with a hash brown


H-Bomb Beef Burger / $17
House-made beef patty with bacon, egg, cheese, rocket, beetroot, tomato & mayo on a toasted beetroot brioche bun with beer battered steak fries

Grilled Chicken Burger / $17
Grilled chicken breast fillet with bacon, cheese, avocado, spinach leaves & mayo on a toasted brioche bun with beer battered steak fries

FFC Burger / $17
Buttermilk fried chicken with Frankie’s secret herbs and spices, shredded lettuce, melted cheese, tomato & mustard aioli on a toasted brioche bun with beer battered steak fries

Vegie Burger / $17 (VG)
One of our zucchini & halloumi fritters with beetroot relish, smashed avocado, tomato & spinach leaves on a toasted matcha green brioche bun served with beer battered steak fries

2 Sliders / $12
OR 3 Sliders / $17
Served with beer battered fries
Beef - House-made beef mini patty with tasty cheese, tomato relish on a toasted mini beetroot brioche bun
Chicken – FFC-flavoured mini burger with dill pickle mayo on a toasted mini brioche bun
Vegie - Our delicious zucchini & halloumi mini fritter with beetroot puree on a toasted mini green matcha brioche bun

Beef Burrito $15
Smoked beef brisket slow-cooked for 8 hours, with quinoa, coleslaw, crushed tortilla chips & chipotle aioli

Chicken Burrito $15
Marinated chicken with quinoa, spinach & a spicy beetroot aioli

Vegetarian Burrito $15 (VG)
Spicy roast veg mix, avocado with quinoa, spinach & a creamy ranch dressing,

Beef Quesadillas $15
Smoked beef brisket slow-cooked for 8 hours, with cheese and chipotle aioli, with an avocado crema and spicy beetroot aioli

Chicken Quesadillas $15
Marinated Chicken, cheese and chipotle aioli, with an avocado crema and spicy beetroot aioli

Vegetarian Quesadillas $15 (VG)
Vegetable mix, cheese and chipotle aioli served with an avocado crema and spicy beetroot aioli

Chicken & Leek Sandwich / $11
Chicken, cheddar & caramelized leek in toasted pumpkin bread

BLT Toasted Ciabatta / $12
Bacon, rocket & fresh tomato with a dash of mayonnaise

House-Made Sausage Roll / $9
Crispy house-made sausage roll
+ side salad / $13

Crispy Fried S&P Calamari / $18
With aioli, a light fresh garden salad & beer battered steak fries

Traditional Jacket Potato / $14
With bacon, cheese, butter, coleslaw, pineapple & sour cream

Beer Battered Steak Fries / $9
Served with aioli & tomato sauce

Chunky Seasoned Wedges / $11
Served with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce


Frankie’s Cheeseburger / $10
Beef burger with melted cheese, ketchup & mayo with a side of beer battered steak fries

Crispy Chicken Popcorn / $10
Chicken popcorn served with a side of beer battered steak fries & your favourite dipping sauce


Espresso / $3
Black / $4
White / $4
Hot Chocolate / $4
White Hot Chocolate / $4
Mocha / $4.5
Spiced Chai Latte / $4.5
Vanilla Chai Latte / $4.5
Mochanut / $4.5
Short Macchiato / $3.5
Long Macchiato / $4
Piccolo / $3.5
Coffee Extras:
Additional Coffee Shot / $0.6

Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut or Irish Cream / $0.7

Milk substitutes
Bon Soy, almond milk or lactose-free substitute / $0.7

Decaf / $0.6

Pot of Tea for 1 / $4.0
English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Green Sencha, China Gunpowder, Three Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Chai or Chamomile


Iced Coffee / $6.5
Iced Chocolate / $6.5
Iced Mocha / $6.5
Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel or Mocha / $6.5

Milk Shakes / $6
Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla, Lime, Blue Heaven, Banana
Spiders / $5.5
Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Raspberry or Lime

Straight Juice / $6.5

Mixed Juices / $7.0
Tropical Sunrise – Watermelon, Orange & Pineapple
Vitamin C Boost – Orange, Apple, Pineapple & Lemon
Green Machine – Apple, Spinach, Celery & Lime


Smoothies / $7.5

Banana, milk, ice cream, ice, honey and a dash of cinnamon

Berry Blast
Mixed berries, milk, ice cream, honey and a dash of cinnamon

Mango Tango
Mango, milk, ice cream, honey and a dash of cinnamon

Carlton Draught / $7
Peroni / Corona Extra / Stella Artois $8

Flying Brick Apple Cider / $8
Flying Brick, Pear Cider / $8
Somersby, Apple Cider / $8
Somersby, Pear Cider / $8

Wild Dog Sauvignon Blanc Glass 2013 / $7.5
Wild Dog Blanc De Blanc Glass 2012 / $8.5
Wild Dog Chardonnay Glass 2012 / $8.5
Cape Barron McLaren Valley Shiraz Glass 2015 / $9


A selection of freshly made in-house baguettes, wraps & sandwiches available from the display fridge. Toasted upon request – terrific here or take away!

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